Simple Curtain Tutorial Using a Serger

In celebration of National Serger Month, we're showing a super simple window cu tutorial that I promise anyone can make! We used the user-friendly Baby Lock Imagine serger in this tutorial and a Baby Lock sewing machine. Grab your favorite fabric and let's get started!

Items Needed: Fabric, universal needles, serging thread (such as Maxi-lock all purpose spun polyester thread), serger, fray check, iron, ruler

First off, make sure you have your fabric, serger, serger thread, and needles. An iron, ruler and fray check will be helpful, too!

Step 1: Measure your window from where your rod sits to where you want your curtain to hang. Measure the width of your window and add 6 inches (an inch on each side for the hemming and 2 inches on each side to hang over your window).  For the length, add 2 inches on top (or more depending on the size of your rod).  Two inches will allow for a 1 inch insert for your rod. Cut fabric accordingly. 

Step 2: Serge each long edge. It’s important to serge the long edge first so that your top remains open to insert your pole

Step 3: Serge top and bottom of fabric (if you’re leaving a salvage end like myself, only serge the top of the curtain). 

Step 4: Optional: Apply Fray Check to serger hem ends so that your stitch does not come undone. Allow to dry 15-20 minutes.

Step 5: Once fray check is dry, fold your first side hem over a 1/2 inch and insert straight pins all the way down the fabric. Once the straight pins are in place, iron your edge down the length of the fabric to make it stick.  Repeat on the opposite long edge. 

Step 6. Using a sewing machine or by hand, straight stitch close to the edge (about ¼ inch), down the length of your fabric on each side. 

Step 7: Iron long edges again to join the new thread with the fabric.

Step 8: Starting at the top of your drape, measure down 1 inch, fold edge over and insert pins down the length, where the edge of your fold hits. Iron over top edge.

Step 9: Straight stitch close to the edge of your fold (a little las than 1 inch down), down the top of your fabric.

And, that's it! Easy as pie! Insert your rod and hang in window.

National Serger Month: Juki MO-1000

It's still National Serger Month, so of course we're talking about sergers again today! With "Easy Threader" technology, easily thread your machine from the threading hole to the looper with the power of a strong whoosh of air sent from the electric motor and then automatically thread your needle with the automatic needle threading technology that threads your needle in just 3 easy steps. The Juki MO-1000 serger is truly a dream to serge with!  Stop in to B&C Sewing and Vacuum to try out this machine today. Retail price $1899, Sale Price $1299.

Juki MO-1000

Juki MO-1000

Convenient Threading With the Easy Threader - Using the new easy threader feature, easily thread the machine from the threading hole to the looper with the power of a strong whoosh of air sent from the electric motor. This amazing function dramatically alters upper and lower looper threading.

Automatic Needle Threader - Quickly thread the needle! With the automatic needle threader, the needle is threaded in 3 easy steps.

Quiet Operation - The sound reducing design minimizes the operating noise and the unit sews with less vibration.

Adjustable Differential Feed - Even with easily stretched fabrics such as knits and georgette, create beautifully sewn finishes by adjusting the differential feed. Adjustments can even be made while sewing

Beautiful Sharp Curve - The distance between the needle and knife is 9.95mm (conventional model:15.5mm),allowing you to sew beautiful inside curves.

Upper Looper Converter 2-/3-Thread Conversion - Switch to 2-Thread sewing simply by pushing the 2-/3-thread changeover attachment to the left, making this operation even easier.

Wide Throat Area - The height of the throat is 72.4mm. Due to this height, the usability of the work space improved infinitely.

LED Sewing Light - The needle area is brightly illuminated. The long-life, energy-efficient and eco-friendly light will not heat up, even after a long period of use.

Waste Collector - Provided as a standard accessory, the waste collector catches cut-off fabric and is useful for keeping the area tidy.

Other Useful Features
*Automatic rolled hemming
*Adjustable presser foot pressure
*Option to deactivate upper knife
*Cutting width adjusting dial
*Safety feature preventing operation when the presser foot is upper position or the cover is open.
*Thread trimming blade for easy thread cutting

National Serger Month: Baby Lock Ovation

What is the Baby Lock Ovation known for? More space than any other serger! With 5 inches to the right of needle, you'll be able to serge large projects with room to spare! When impossible does not exist, you'll know you're using a Baby Lock serger. Baby Lock was the first to introduce the world to sergers with easy air threading and no tension knobs. Now, the Baby Lock Ovation eight-thread serger brings you the largest workspace in the home serger industry.

The Ovation has other innovative features like a knee lift and six bright LED lights to make every sewing project easier. Plus, you get 87 stitch combinations including the Baby Lock Exclusive Wave Stitch. The Ovation steps into a new realm of serging. From home decor to garments, it's time for an outstanding performance. Add decorative cover stitching to yards and yards or fabric AND receive a $300 rebate off of the Ovation through the end of April!


Baby Lock Ovation

Baby Lock Ovation

Largest Throat Space - 5" to Right of Needle - Easily serge large projects with room to spare. You'll love adding decorative stitching to yards and yards of fabric.

ExtraordinAir™ Threading -Thread your loopers all at once with the push of a button. A quick gust of air gets your thread through each looper with minimal effort.

Automatic Thread Delivery (ATD) - Never worry about tension adjustments again. Enjoy perfectly balanced stitches regardless of the type of fabric you're using. And, ATD lets you thread your loopers in any order.

2 to 8 Thread Serging - The Ovation gives you 87 stitch combinations to explore creative serging. From the tiniest rolled hem to the exclusive Wave Stitch, you'll have many stitch options for every project.

Pure Lighting – 6 LED Lights - Clearly see every stitch, fabric and thread color under six bright LED lights.

Knee Lift - Keep your hands free for more precision as you serge.

Variable Speed Control - Always stitch at a comfortable pace for the utmost precision.

Convenient Presser Foot Lever - An easy-access presser foot lever in the front of the machine lets you quickly make adjustments.


  • Exclusive Wave Stitch and Reverse Wave Stitch for additional stitch options
  • Serging options from 2 to 8 threads
    • 87 Stitch combinations including Exclusive Wave Stitch and Reverse Wave Stitch for additional stitch options
    • Chain/cover stitch functions include single, double and triple cover stitch
    • Overlock stitch functions to seam and encase fabric edges
    • Flatlock stitch functions for seaming or decorative effects
  • Advanced cutting system handles thick fabrics with ease
  • Automatic rolled hem stitch functions create a professional finish
  • Dial adjustable stitch width: 1.5 - 7.5mm, up to 16mm wide on expressive stitches
  • Dial adjustable stitch length: 0.75 - 4mm
  • Dial adjustable built-in rolled hem
  • Bypass port for special thread
  • Up to 1,500 stitches per minute
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure dial