The Sanitaire SC886-E also known as the Sanitaire 886, is one of the upright commercial vacuum cleaner models from Sanitaire that is designed around the exclusive Quick Kleen feature. This is to be differentiated from the Sanitaire Quiet Clean models. The main feature of the Quick Kleen is that it is easier to clean and maintain, thanks to the easily accessible design of the fan chamber.

Although highly reasonable in price, the SC886-E is surprisingly adept at cleaning commercial spaces. It is a more affordable alternative for those who are not necessarily looking for a LEED- approved model. This does not mean, however, that the SC886-E is not effective at what it does; it just focuses more on the user experience rather than on meeting environmental standards. Despite the lack of a LEED approval, the SC886-E is still UL-listed for commercial use.

Top Accessories
The Sanitaire 886 is equipped with the Vibra-Groomer II chrome steel brush roll, which is both durable and effective in cleaning.

Take note, however, that this is an upright model, and it does not come with the same tools that the Quiet Clean models ship with; as a result, this model will restrict you only to floor cleaning. There is no included wand, crevice tool, or dusting brush, which is one of the major disadvantages of this model.


  • With a 50-foot power cord, the SC886-E is obviously meant to clean larger commercial spaces more conveniently; you can continue working without having to change power sources every time you need to move to the next portion of space.
  • The Sanitaire 886 can be adjusted to six different heights, which means it can accommodate various carpet heights, from low pile carpets, medium pile carpets, all the way to thick pile ones.
  • With a chrome steel hood, a chrome steel brush roll, and large wheels, the 886 is designed to last quite a while.
  • With the Quick Kleen fan chamber design, the clear dust cup, and the shake out dust bag system, the Sanitaire 886 is easier to clean and maintain.
  • Weighing 17.5 lbs., the Sanitaire 886 is lighter than some of the Quiet Clean models from Sanitaire.